Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I need new brushes!

My Tool

4" x 4", oil on stretched canvas


After not painting for a few weeks, I pulled out all of my gear and started working on a landscape and ended up wiping it down. I'm realizing that even though I'm drawn to landscapes, I'm better at still lifes. I also realized that if you're not going to paint for many weeks you should make sure that you wash your brushes thoroughly, many of mine were stiff and in need of replacement.


  1. murphy's oil soap, soak them in it... it should lift off whatever is stuck on there... and then just rinse them off... i use it on my oil brushes, although haven't been using the brushes, it works great...

  2. wow I love this paintbrush! excellent! Having a good summer? It sure has been busy here, our son is now married to a wonderful gal, and she like to paint!

  3. Tim's right. Works wonders. I've had to do it often. :-)
    Great paintings Rob. Sorry I haven't been around in a while.