Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early Morning Mist

I pulled this one from the ashes in an attempt to see if there's any hope left for this piece. I've added some morning mist in the background, intensified the morning light, and deepened the overall feel...


  1. I really like the golden glow as it rises from the horizon and peeks through some of the trees in the foreground. The mist gives a nice separation from the trees and the background because they are of similar tones. I think you should be quite happy with sticking to it and working through the issues!

  2. Rob,
    This is beautiful. Love the format and the mist. Colors and composition are perfect.

  3. Thanks Sheila & Karen... I might try a few more tonalist style paintings and then head back to my old direct, alla prima style and see if I can incorporate some new tricks...