Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Large Underpainting

Work in progress
48" x 36" Yikes, that's big!
This is by far the largest painting I've attempted to date. This large empty canvas had been sitting in my "studio" for what seems like years, on an antique easel that had once belonged to my grandfather. Well, no more taunting me Mr. Giant Canvas. You might be eating up all of my paint but I'm putting you to use....finally!


  1. go big!!!!
    i seem to remember you buying a HUGE canvas and lots of primary colored paint when we lived together on "?how could i forget?" street...
    this looks like a fantastic start! is the show you booked this summer a one-man show?

  2. You go Rob.......It looks great!

  3. Hi Hol, yep I do remember that large canvas on Hawthorne St, man that was years ago!

    The show will be exclusively my work, so I'm up to my elbows in paint trying to produce a couple of larger pieces.