Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charlotte Wharton workshop

Here are two small studies I completed in the Charlotte Wharton workshop that I'm taking this weekend at the
Weston Nurseries in Hopkinton, MA. Charlotte is a great instructor and is obviously so passionate about her art and sharing her methods and thoughts with her students. I also highly recommend getting your tail over to Weston Nurseries if you ever have the urge for plein air painting. There are 300 acres filled with boundless subject possibilities..... waterfalls, ponds, statues, fountains, pergolas, gazebos, barns, sheds, goats, pastures, you name it, they have it. Just make sure you get their permission first before you start lugging your gear in.


  1. Hi Rob I can see you are really lovin that workshop--and this house painting is really neat with the sun hitting the taller it! I like your houses! It is a great idea to paint sculptures too, good job!

  2. Have you tried many figural paintings? You seem to do very well with the proportions on this torso painting.

  3. Thanks Sandra for the comments. I've tried a few figure paintings and didn't really expect to like them all that much, but I have to say I was pretty pleased in the way they turned out. You have to get down and dirty with them and not let yourself wander, being pretty precise with your drawing, otherwise it ends up being obviously wrong.