Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hangin' with Grannies

18" x 18"

oil on stretched canvas
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Heading back to the apple and glass bowl theme... I really think I could make a whole series of nothing but fruit and glass. I spent an entire session on this hoping to complete it, but I think I need to put it aside and look at it again tomorrow with fresh eyes for a few more tweaks.


  1. Rob, You do such a great job with the fruit and glass. Love how there is just the one red apple. The greens in the other apples are really nice.

  2. Very nice Rob! Love the apples you paint! "The eyes goes to the one different thing...." Where did we learn that...? Excellent!

  3. You do this subject extremely well...it could be an extensive series! Love the focal point!

  4. Hey Rob,
    Very nice that red apple..great painting too. Glass is tough, tough, tough, but you do it well...

  5. Rob....The composition is great! You handle glass so well! Love it!