Monday, March 23, 2009


Family Photos,
3 @ 6"x6"
oil on stretched canvas
1/3 Sold
I just received these clear maple floater frames with black interior that I had ordered for this triptych. I'm really happy with the quality and the clean contemporary look. I'm definitely going to order more for my other paintings. Should I add them to my daily paintings? I'll have to think about that. This set is destined for a local show that will be taking place in a few weeks.


  1. very nice.. like your frames too...

  2. Nice job with the pears! They look animated. Very appealing.

  3. Rob, Love the progression of these three paintings together! Great job.

  4. Hi Rob! I think the series idea is super for a show. I love seeing the progression in your art. I find it pretty challenging to incorporate all the fine art theory concepts we were taught at the workshop! Using both right and left side of the brain while painting is a chore:) ! Glad you like the green paint info! I love the way you are doing pears. They are, along with apples, a main staple of daily artists!