Friday, May 29, 2009

“I'm fat, but I'm thin inside... ", George Orwell

Naturally Thin

6" x 6", oil on stretched canvas


When I went to the market recently to pick up a few more subjects, I came across some Bosc pears that were unusually skinny and they were plunked right next to some of the fattest, almost obese, Bartlett pears I've ever seen. I couldn't help but wonder if there might soon be a rumble between these two seemingly rival gangs. I can spend a lot of time in the produce section, needless to say the kids refuse to go shopping with me anymore...


  1. Yeah, me too Rob (fat but thin inside).....You are just too funny! I love your titles and this painting. No one ever goes shopping with me. They know better...

  2. ROB!!! This is really excellent! I love that you used a cool yellow for the background and the warmer yellow tones for the pear...and the surface interface is super. This is totally perfect. I think you are the pear expert.

  3. I'm a produce section wanderer myself...Could spend to the farmer's market tomorrow...lovely pear hues

  4. Love the skinny pear. You are so good with the colors of these.

  5. Ok, hitting a little too close to home for me with this quote, Rob!
    Great pear!