Friday, May 8, 2009

“No one goes there anymore - it's too crowded”, Yogi Berra

Stand out from the crowd

10" x 10", oil on stretched canvas

$225 framed

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Continuing with the apple theme, I placed a bunched up piece of white satin cloth underneath this bowl of apples in order to give the background some interest with a more textural feel, is it fighting too much with the rythm of the apples? I don't know...


  1. Hey Rob great job on the apples such a good feel of realism yet freshly daily painter style, love them, but then I am an apple lover too! The compo with the cloth under the bowl looks very well observed and carefully painted. This works so nicely with the cloth, glass, and apple textures mixed in one nice big image.

  2. Hi Rob...Nice the contrasting colors!

  3. I don't think the cloth is fighting w/ the apples; it just gives a less calm feeling. One isn't better than the other; just creates a different mood.

  4. Cloth seems to go with the energy of "crowded" rather than conflict, and the silky texture adds dimension. Love it!

  5. Rob, Follow your instincts, if you feel it fight with the apples, it probably does.
    I do agree mostly with the other comments.
    However I find that the cloth does seems to demand as much attention as the apples. Softening the contrast of values in the cloth would probably bring the attention back to the contrast of the one red apple among the green ones. BTW Your work is beautiful. I love the pears on your banner too.

  6. You really captured the texture of satin. Impressive. I don't think it's fighting with the apples. I'm happy to say that I found some neat clear glass jars in different sizes at a thrift shop...I'll be tackling glass again soon. I do resist it...

  7. Rob, I don't think the fabric fights with the fruit. I think it picks up the highlights of the fruit. Great job! That must have been a lot of work.