Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hiker's Big Reward

12" x 12", oil on stretched canvas

On auction at the Fog Gallery, Vinalhaven, ME Aug 12th

Thinking about what to paint this morning I remembered what really inspired me to attempt painting to begin with and that was the great landscape artists of Maine that I would see every summer in different galleries and museums, artists like Connie Hayes, Tom Curry and Eric Hopkins. So I took a study that I had painted a few weeks ago, Hiker's Reward, enlarged it and tweaked it, and created this larger landscape. All of my landscape paintings are inspired by actual photos that I have taken on my journeys. Maybe this summer I'll actually try plein air painting... we'll see.


  1. Rob, great job! Nice colors and contrast between the rocks and water.

  2. Hi, Rob! Great painting. Been checking out your blog...very enjoyable!

  3. Rob, I like this. That blue is what makes it for me. Great colors.

  4. These paintings are painterly, not like 'copied'. Nice work.
    Thanks for those links, too. I recognize Connie (Borrowed Views) but didn't know the others.